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Tofu Patty - For Burgers & Sandwiches

150.00 130.00


Tofu Patty – For Burgers & Sandwiches

150.00 130.00

Ready to Eat.

Storage Instructions: Refrigerate always.

Shelf Life: 15 days from date of manufacture

Usage Instructions: open the packet and warm up the patty on a pan or an oven.



Can burgers be healthy?

Homemade burgers can be convenient and fun. Yes, they can be healthy too.

Give your burgers a makeover with our tofu burger patty. Not only is it full of our tofu’s nutritious goodness, it super tasty as well.
Since it is oil-free and pre-cooked, all you have to do is to warm it a little and you have a healthy burger ready in a jiffy.

You can have it with our vegan feta cheese for some added flavour boost. Top it with some crunchy salad toppings. Brilliant!

You won’t believe this perfectly-spiced patty is protein-rich, low-fat, cholesterol-free but believe us, it’s true.

The kids are going to love it!



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