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Himalayan Black tofu

200.00 150.00


Himalayan Black tofu

200.00 150.00

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“The Himalayan Tofu” provides a whopping 32 gm protein per block. May we also add just 2% fat and ofcourse, no cholesterol.

The search for the perfect bean took us to the remotest villages of Kumaon Himalayas. We zeroed in on an indigenous crop that had been a staple of the region for about 4000 years. It truly is a nutrient powerhouse. Needless to say, these beans are organic, non-GMO, hand-sorted and free from any chemicals. .

It is our pleasure to bring this magnificent product to you in a form that has never been done before.

Taste has always been our #1 priority and black tofu is no different. It’s so delicious that you can have it raw, make a curry out of it, or just toss it in a salad as-is. While it is called black, The Himalayan tofu looks purplish in colour.


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