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Barbecue Cheeze spread

300.00 200.00


Barbecue Cheeze spread

300.00 200.00

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Who doesn’t love cheese? However, cheese is the first thing people tend to avoid due to its calorific value.

That’s right – most cheese tend to be loaded with calories and fats. We wanted to create a super light, nutrient-dense cheese spread that could go with sandwich/toast/pasta/pizza or used as vegetable dip or complement tasty snacks like fruits.

Our cheese spread has fermented tofu and cashews as the primary ingredients, with herbs thrown in for a good measure. Smokey flavored, robust, bold, and delicious.

All cheeses are not created equal. No moderation required with ours. You can finish it all in one sitting and yet feel light.

At 123.5 calories with 10g protein, less than 3% fat, and the goodness of calcium and iron, it ticks all the right boxes.

Spread it, dip it, top it, and love it!


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