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HealthonPlants is an IIMB pre-Incubated startup which creates Tofu of unparalleled quality. Rooted in the

principles of clean nutrition and sustainability, HealthonPlants was founded with one singular focus: to

simply make the best tofu in India. That commitment remains to every product we make, and everything

we do.

Tofu is not a tasteless replacement of paneer. We’re on a mission to show that tofu is really rather

brilliant. However, all tofus are created equal. To give our Tofu a better taste and texture, we use a little

thing called nigari. It’s an all-natural ingredient created from seawater. We could have used citric acid

like almost everyone else. But then what’s the point in only being as good as everyone else?

Our tofu captures the subtly sweet, delicate flavor and the authenticity of original Japanese-style tofu.

Our herbed and spiced tofus can be had raw and carry no aftertaste. Not only that, our tofu blends

beautifully with spices in Indian dishes like Tofu patty burgers, Matar tofu or Kadai tofu. It holds up well

with stir fry dishes, soups, sauces or on the grill.

Some areas where our tofu outshines others:

• No Preservatives. None. Nada.

• Made with Non-GMO Soybeans

• Gluten-Free, Low-Fat, Dairy-Free

• Vegan/Vegetarian/Keto friendly


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One of the best Tofus I have ever had. The texture is perfect. Can be used in varied dishes..

Deepika G

So glad to have found organic freshly made tofu home delivered !!! And it tastes awesome !

Vidya Gomithi

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